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For Employers

For Employers

Research Square is founded after having identified there’s an entire market supporting academic researchers and scientist finding a job on the one hand and on the other supporting customers in the searching for the brightest minds available.

The cornerstone of our success as a specialists recruitment agency is our team working at Research Square. We all are either engineers or scientists ourselves and / or specialized in the recognizing, identifying and training of the soft skills of our employees.

We speak the language of our researchers and we understand the technical challenges of our customers. We scout, screen, select and employ the brightest candidates and connect them with the most innovative challenges available where our search is built specifically to each individual customer to tailor their individual needs.

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Whether you’re looking for an R&D position or you are looking to employ talented professionals, you can rely on Research Square to meet your needs. We partner with our clients to assess their individual specific needs and following up we pair those needs with talented scientific and research professionals from within our network to serve both parties.

At Research Square we provide consulting and direct hire staffing solutions in many areas and applications related to research and development.

Research Square has a large and diverse network ranging from large multinationals to small start-up and scale-ups. We are directly connected with R&D managers and directors seeking the best candidates available to strengthen their department and meet their technical goals smoothening and speeding up the recruitment process.

We are an internationally oriented company with a network of engineers and scientists from all across the world mostly already working or residing close to our customers’ offices.

Hiring a specialist can give extra work which is the reason that we take care of all relocation, registration, accommodation and onboarding activities. We will save you a lot of time and energy whilst allowing your new employee to settle fast and without stress.

We have a countrywide network of local partners we work together each being a specialist in its own field. Whether this is a local broker knowing the local housing market the best or a city bank we can call directly to make appointments, we have found our ways to smoothen the hiring process in all its aspects.

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In our recruitment procedure we follow five main steps:

Magnifier IconReviewing job description

The starting point of our work is understanding a job description. Being technically educated we understand the job description on a technical level which allows us to be more precise in candidate sourcing.

Suitable Candidate Icon Candidate sourcing

We help you to find an employee who not only fits the job requirements but also your corporate culture. Using our network we are able to source candidates from all around the world or from a specific region of your choice.

Interviewing Icon Interviewing

To save your time, we do the first interview ourselves and present you candidates only if they meet your requirements.

Onboarding Icon Onboarding

We take out of your hands visa arrangements and assist candidates in relocation, help in finding housing, registering in a city hall and opening a bank account.

Contracting Icon Contracting

We provide different hiring options to match your needs.